Your Race Committee

We’ve assembled a top flight Race Committee who are fully committed to making this a truly international-calibre event.  They’re backed up by a host of local volunteers too numerous to list here but believe us, we can’t begin to express our gratitude to everyone who’s stepped up.

Principal Race Officer

Peter has been a fixture on the Alberta sailing scene for years and is dedicated to running races to the highest standard.  In awarding Peter its January 2016 “Volunteer of the Month” award, Sail Canada had the following words of praise for his work:

“Not only has Peter van Muyden devoted himself to delivering high quality race management in Canada and around the world, he has applied himself wholly to teaching the others how to do the same.

While van Muyden holds a leadership roles in Sail Canada’s Governance (Race Management Sub-Committee and the Training and Certification Committee), he is renowned for signing up to conduct Race Management Seminars and Clinics across the country. All this training is fit in amongst van Muyden’s Race Officer positions with regattas at home and around the globe. He is always generous to share his experiences from events – such as Pan American Games, Sailing World Cup, Class World Championships and Canada Games – applying them to updated training resources for Sail Canada Race Management programming.

Wherever he is van Muyden is always willing to offer resource. He provides a significant amount of assistance to national and provincial Race Management initiatives, and goes above and beyond to help event organizers and Race Course Officers remember that the competitor is the customer.”

We’re extremely grateful to Peter for agreeing to join us as PRO.

You can download a PDF copy of his Race Management CV here.


On-water Judge

David has been an international judge and umpire since 1995. He was chief judge at CORK in Kingston from 1997 until 2007 and has been either chief judge or on the panel of numerous international juries over the last twenty-five plus years.

He is a member of Sail Canada’s Judges Committee and Umpires Committee and gives many judging and rules seminars.

David currently acts as judge or umpire at 20-25 events per year and we’re very fortunate to have him on the team.

You can download a PDF copy of David’s bio here.